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Our Story

The Tree of Hope Foundation was founded after a tragedy involving a mother and infant in St. Clair Shores, MI in the summer of 2004.  Family members created the Foundation in 2005 with this Mission:



  • Increase Postpartum Depression awareness and understanding among new parents, parents-to-be, and members of the medical community-at-large through the development of educational programs, literature, and government/community/business partnerships
  • Provide easily accessible support to people currently in the throes of Postpartum Depression 
  • Promote research geared specifically toward understanding mood disorders and the development of increasingly more effective ways to treat them

Within 24 hours after Mary Ellen Moffitt took the life of her newborn daughter, then killed herself, family members vowed they would work to educate others about the risks and symptoms of postpartum depression and psychosis...

You are not alone.  That is the message that Pam Moffitt is working hard to spread, so that every new mother suffering from postpartum depression knows there is a place to turn for help, support, and understanding.  A place for hope for those living in despair...


I now have a baby.  I see that she's beautiful, innocent, and healthy...I can't hold the tears backs.  I can't eat or sleep...Does anyone understand?"...

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